Why we initiated this move...

This is Allan from The Print House and Mr. Knickerbocker.  Please join with us to be a part of a special group of Clemson Tigers dedicated to strengthening athletes, businesses, families, and communities because we are better together.  As we build community and rally around our #ClemsonTiger family, the #ClemsonStrong campaign will donate a percentage of merchandise proceeds to support Clemson University scholarships and funding for youth recreational sports, coaches, and athletes for Clemson Tiger affiliated communities through our strong nationwide network of Clemson Alumni. 

This movement began in March of 2020, during the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. The economic impact of this event and the long term consequences of economic injury to families, businesses, and athletes introduces a tremendous need to establish new context, community, and culture reflecting #ClemsonFamily and #TigerPride represent characteristics like loyalty, generosity, kindness, and compassion that are transgenerational and unmovable no matter how tough the circumstances can get. 

The consequences of the spread of the coronavirus and the cancellation of spring sports and related NCAA events, as well as Clemson University events, are extremely challenging for all operations, with the impact to our families at the top of our concerns. However, in spite of the absence of the thrill of watching such amazing talent on display, the loyalty of Clemson fans and the whole spirit of being a Clemson Tiger remain strong.

As all of us nationwide are experiencing the impacts of doing life and circumstances in a very different fashion than what we are used to, we wanted to start a movement that reflects who we truly are as Clemson Tigers and use our perseverance to work towards a common goal. 

With this in mind, we believe one of the areas that will experience a greater impact will be the affluence of youth and rec sports and parent's abilities to fund these activities. With your support of and commitment to this #CLEMSONSTRONG movement, we will be able to provide scholarships to athletes, funding to coaches, and other financial support to local communities to sustain and prosper keeping dreams alive for future Clemson Tigers!

As we move out of this pandemic we intend to modify the initiative to continue to support Clemson University Athletics and Youth Organizations in the future as well.  We are operating this in partnership with our sister company Mr. Knickerbocker, Inc.  At this time we are partnered to operate underneath the existing 501(C)(3) of The Path Connection based in Seneca.  Slogans and Logos are also being registered as quickly as possible in an effort to legitimize the longterm effort and organization structure.  This will allow us all to reach maximum impact to the communities items are sold in.  

Ultimately, we are praying to be a light in the darkness for the communities that contain the Nationwide Clemson Family.  Please consider selling these items in your stores and online!  We are producing goods at near cost margins.  Portions of the proceeds of each item will be sent to the Youth Organizations from our end.  You will not need to worry about reporting or sending checks to the benefiting organizations.  We will also be sending out Marketing materials and image resources to help you sell the products and spread the word.  

We are announcing the launch of a new website  This will be used to promote each Retailer and Organization that chooses to participate as well as updates on the organizations that have benefitted from the funds raised.  All funds raised and issued will be audited yearly by The Path Connection and affiliated Accountants. For more information, please take a look at the website as it comes online today with changes being made daily.